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mylife Unio

Data management


The mylife Unio is compatible with several independent data management programs. Communication and follow-up with your patients is just like you are used to: with easy-to-configure and clearly displayed overviews for patient education.

The mylife Unio blood glucose meter has a real USB port and is compatible with 3 different softwares the mylife Diabass, the Diasend and the SiDiary software. Because of the USB plug and play function you just need a conventional mini USB cable to manage your data transfer.

mylife Diabass is a data management software for people with diabetes that works with all the mylife Diabetescare devices, such as mylife Unio, mylife OmniPod, mylife Pura, mylife Pura X and mylife GM300 blood glucose meters. With mylife Diabass, data can be transferred from your mylife Unio blood glucose meter to the PC and prepared and analysed clearly. With the mylife Diabass it is easy and affordable to analyse your blood glucose level. mylife Diabass is sold separately.

mylife SiDiary

mylife SiDiary provides you with an up-to-date tool of diabetes management and telemonitoring. mylife SiDiary represents a product designed for diabetics by diabetics. mylife SiDiary is sold separately.

Diasend, a web based software package, compatible with both PC and Mac computers, has been developed as a communication service for healthcare in an effort to improve the circumstances and quality of life of patients. Diasend provides a complete technical solution for transmitting, storing and monitoring patients’ glucose readings. Diasend is sold separately.