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mylife Unio


mylife Unio blood glucose meter

mylife Unio blood glucose meter
  • Modern design, small and handy
  • Easy-to-read menu-based LCD display with intuitive operation
  • Displays available in different languages
  • Fast and accurate¹ results
  • USB: Simple plug & play diabetes software (mylife Diabass, mylife SiDiary, SiDiary, Diasend)
  • Alarm functions: 4 daily alarms
  • Event markers: up to 4 markers can be selected for each measurement and subsequently edited

mylife AutoLance lancing device

mylife AutoLance lancing device
  • Automatic load and release function in one step
  • Automatic pressure control to produce steady pricking pressure and thus ensures almost painless blood sampling
  • Safety button prevents unintentional release
  • 7 variable puncture depths
  • Practical bayonet lock and stop function for easy lancet replacement
  • Simple exchange of lancet through twisting off the cap of the mylife AutoLance
  • AST cap available for alternative test sites

mylife Unio test strip

mylife Unio test strip
  • High precision and accuracy with the new GDH-XT (GDH-FAD) enzyme¹
  • Minimised influence of haematocrit in the 10 – 70 % range
  • Autocoding
  • Interference-free measurements with High Definition Signal Transmission (HDST)
  • Large and solid test strip
  • Blood-free test strip removal
  • Strip comes in compact vial

1 Freckmann G. et al.: Evaluation of 12 Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems for Self-Testing: System Accuracy and Measurement Reproducibility. Diab Tech Ther 2014, 16(2): 113-122.

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